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The New Age Jam   Book The Band: Call 07738 054732 Mon 25 Sep 2017
The Jam The new age Jam Are Mark, Oz and Tom.

A Tribute to The Jam and Paul Weller.

The new age Jam are now ACOUSTIC WELLER By The new age Jam Unplugged

Acoustic Weller features Mark from The new age Jam and Oz from The Clashed, playing a set of Acoustic Tunes from The Jam, Style Council and of Course Paul Weller’s extensive solo material.

Mark comes with 13 years of portraying Paul Weller in The new age Jam and due to tragic circumstances in the band is taking time out and doing the Acoustic set.

Recently supported Steve Cradock ( OCS and Paul Weller’s guitarist ) who’s comment was “ Excellent”

Back in 2001 the band were very proud to be introduced on stage by Rick Buckler as the "second greatest band in the world".

Good morning & welcome to The New Age Jam.

Formed in July 1999 the band are based in Teesside, and replicate live performances that could only beaten by The Jam themselves.

Gigging over the last twelve years has taken the band all over the UK, Playing venues the likes of Guildford Civic Hall, Middlesbrough Town Hall, Stockton International Festival, O2 Acadamy’s and Butlins.

Also appearing on a TV programme entitled "Cover Their Tracks" and Local BBC Programmes.

The band are fully self contained with a 6k rig and light show provided by the unsung Hero of the Band Tom, who Provides a professional sound that is second to none.

With a vast repertoire of material the band can reproduce a Jam gig to perfection, taking you from In the City to The Gift with a few surprises thrown in too.

The band appeal to a broad range of people and age groups and guarantee a Gig full of passion and "FIRE AND SKILL" Check out the gig listings to see the band Live.

It is an experience you will not want to miss if you are a Fan of The Jam and Paul Weller.

See The New Age Jam Next on Friday, September 29th 2017 in WEDDING at WEDDING

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Book The Band/Enquiries: Call Mark on 07738 054732
Acoustic Weller
Acoustic Weller is what it says on the Tin.

Mark with an Acoustic Guitar often accompanied by Oz. Playing songs from The Jam, Style Council and Paul Weller’s solo material.

If you want a chilled out evening, listening to some great songs, try and catch an acoustic gig.

Man About Town
Paul Weller was born on 25 May 1958 in Sheerwater, near Woking, Surrey, England, to John and Ann Weller.

He was initially known as John William Weller but later acquired the name Paul.

His father worked as a taxi driver and his mother was a part-time cleaner. In 1963 Weller started his education at Maybury County First School.

His love of music started with The Beatles, then The Who and the Small Faces.

By the time Weller was eleven and moving upto secondary school at Sheerwater County Secondary, music was the biggest part of his life and he began playing the guitar.

In 1972 Weller formed his first group, the Jam, playing bass guitar with his best friends Steve Brookes (lead guitar) and Dave Waller (rhythm guitar).

Weller's father, their manager, began booking the band into local working men's clubs. Joined by Rick Buckler on drums and with Bruce Foxton soon replacing Waller on rhythm guitar, the four-piece band began to forge a local reputation playing a mixture of Beatles covers and a number of compositions written by Weller and Brooks.

In 1976 Brookes left the band and Weller and Foxton decided they would swap guitar roles, with Weller now the lead singer.

In 1982 Beat Surrender was released, but it was The Jam's last single, Paul disbanded the group in December of that year.

Paul then formed The Style Council with Mick Talbot.

After they split up in 1989, Paul went on to pursue a solo career.

Paul Weller was born on 25 May 1958 in Sheerwater, near Woking, Surrey, to John and Ann Weller. He was initially known as John William Weller but later acquired the name Paul.
The Jam
The Jam
The Jam Lyrics
Why are you frightened - can't you see that it's you That ain't no ghost - it's a reflection of you Why do you turn away - an' keep it out of sight Oh - don't live up to your given roles There's more inside you that you won't show
- Ghost Lyrics
The Jam
The Jam
The Jam
The New Age Jam News and Reviews

Just a line to let you know about the past weekend here at The Foresters, on Friday we were treated to a cracking night by The New Age Jam. An awesome sound created by the boys with some cracking covers of not all your usual classics, there was a lot of diversity in their stuff and i would say (as an avid Jam fan) they were just about perfect!

Also a number of solo weller classics such as Broken stones and The Changing man were enough to send my locals home in raptures well done boys and we will see you later in the year.

On first imprecision's the singer is a double of Paul Weller in looks and sounds like him and even sets his guitar sound up just like him......

The place went mad when they played all the jam classics and in between the classics they played a few Paul Weller tracks and by looking around, everyone was singing out loud - the audience were having a great time and with the sound and lights, everyone could have been mistaken for the real thing.

You guys were fantastic on Saurday at The Ferry, will definately come and see you playing again, also a pleasure chattin with you all outside when you were leavin.

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