Advantages of a Cookie Dough Fundraising Program

Advantages of a Cookie Dough Fundraising Program

Everyone loves cookies, right? By doing the cookie dough fundraiser, you can create a fun and tasty way for people to participate in supporting your organization. Just hand them an order form or brochure with pictures of yummy, fresh-baked cookies, and you are bound to have a successful fundraiser.

What you need for such a fundraising program is a three-pound tub of cookie dough that you can buy for $10. These are ready to bake and come in a wide range of flavors. The diabetic need not keep back from your fundraising event, for you can even serve them sugar-free cookies.

Delicious Varieties Of Cookie Dough

These days you get many convenient options of cookie dough. If you want to restrict your fundraising activity to baking only, go for the pre-sliced packages. Alternately, you may also use cookie dough sold as dry mix that is ready to use, without prior refrigeration. Some of the cookie dough packs even come along with user-friendly kits and free samples to give you an idea of what you want to make.

Holding a cookie dough fundraiser is one of the most profitable fundraising programs, because you can reap the benefit from the various plans offered by the cookie dough suppliers. With many three-pound cookie dough tubs, you get a 40% – 50% discount. With some other brands, you are likely to get a greater discount if you buy a bigger tub.

How To Go About It

If you buy a dry mix variety of cookie dough, you simply need to add water to it, mix it, and bake it. However, the general rule of cookie dough preparation is to refrigerate it. Hence, you should pay attention to the time factor and ensure that you do not have a rushed schedule. Place your orders with the suppliers early enough to receive the delivery on time. You can employ children for this enjoyable fundraising event. Set a target for each to sell ten units of cookies that will bring back a substantial profit.

Factors To Consider For Cookie Dough Fundraisers

If you feel tempted by the high profit range you can reach through cookie dough fundraising, you must consider the expenses as well. Take note of the freight charges, brochure quality, discounts on quantity, refrigeration costs and the number of cookies you can make out of a standard three-pound tub. The other thing is to know who will be the buyers of your cookies. Generally, such fundraising programs are popular in elementary schools and high schools.

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