Finding the Perfect Diving Watch

Finding the Perfect Diving Watch

Lately, divers and non-divers alike have become more and more interested in the nuances of the diving watch. There are innumerable diving watch brands and models to choose from, and it can sometimes be difficult to understand exactly what you should be looking for to match your needs in a diver’s watch. This guide should serve as a primer on diving watches and what to look for when looking to make a purchase.

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By definition, a diving watch is any watch that has been designed for underwater diving and features water resistance that is great than 10 ATM (equal to 100 meters of 330 feet of water resistance). Generally, diver’s watches will be water resistant in depths between 200 to 300 meters (660 to 990 feet). However, some watches used by professional divers can withstand much deeper waters. There are specific regulations regarding diving watches that divers should be aware of before purchasing a watch – ISO 6425. Watches that comply with the standards established by ISO 6425 will be labeled as official “Diver’s watches,” so be on the lookout for this specific label.

In addition to simply withstanding depths greater than 100 watch gt 3 pro meters, diving watches must also meet many other requirements. For example, diver’s watches must feature clearly distinguished minute markings, adequate readability in total darkness, magnetic resistance, shock resistance, chemical resistance, as well as several other features. These requirements have been established in order to ensure that the watches will be suitable for the variable environment of the ocean’s depths.

Now, it is very common for non-divers, and even those who have absolutely no interest in diving, to be interested in purchasing a diver’s watch. Diver’s watches can be very stylish, and are often sought after by both casual watch-wearers and watch collectors. The Rolex Submarine is one of the most well known diver’s watches. Like all Rolex’s this watch is quite luxurious, and is worn mostly by those who are interested in watches of the utmost quality. The Submariner is water resistance up to 300 meters, or 1000 feet. Just to give you an idea of the prestige and interest surrounding the Rolex Submariner, it was James Bond’s watch of choice in the first 10 Bond movies.

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