Low Sperm Count – Natural Herbal Remedies and Causes

Low Sperm Count – Natural Herbal Remedies and Causes

A sperm or spermatozoa by definition is the male reproductive cell or male gametophyte, a product of cell division (meiosis) that occurs nowhere else except in the gonads. It has a head and a tail and behaves more or less like a tadpole. It is capable of wrinkling itself in the semen as it moves up the birth canal looking for the ovum. Sperm count is a unit, the number per sample or ejaculate; the measure of which is used to determine male fertility. Usually an adult or any male with less than 20 million spermatozoa per ejaculate is considered as having low sperm count.

Low or high sperm count is dependent on many factors that are within reach sometimes. This is one major cause of male infertility; and many men are not capable of standing firm and be counted if their fertility is suspect. The capacity of ejaculate might be enough but motility of the sperm might be low and at crisis level many things are considered and checked. A wide range of factors come up at all times among these are hormonal disorders making production a heavy task, malnutrition and lack of essential elements that catalyze production. Smoking of cigarettes, excessive use of hard drugs and alcohol dependence also causes low sperm count. Environmental hazards and exposure to toxins, radiation, obesity and stress add to the long list. Each of these has byproducts that exert on the body inflicting more damage still.

Stress especially emotional stress interferes with GnRH hormone with disastrous effects. Issues related to impotence development, habits that grow and become a bother psychologically all add up to mishaps that bring about more sexual stress.

Substance abuse and smoking releases inhibitors of good quality sperm, often with permanent damage to its swimming ability. Both are known to lower libido a great deal.

The treatment of this anomaly is one directional at thewhere to buy Semenax moment – the use of supplements – these are often herbal based. However, it is only relevant when the actual cause has been identified. Many at times it is not possible and therefore there is no cure. In many circumstances still, a doctor may give advice on what to do to promote regeneration. Things like maintenance of a healthier diet, go for exercises, reduce stress, stop smoking, reduce alcohol etc are facts that cannot be ignored. You ignore them at your own peril.

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