Resveratrol – How Much Resveratrol Should I Take in a Day?

Resveratrol – How Much Resveratrol Should I Take in a Day?

Resveratrol has created a sensation ever since it featured on 60 minutes and dozens of other national channels. No doubt this is a wonder compound with a lot of essential nutrients, but it does not mean we can take it in unlimited quantities. We rarely find information about the recommended quantities of Resveratrol either on internet or TV commercials.

Its dosage can be different for different people. No standard dosagIbutamoren MK-677 e has been agreed upon till date. Experts are of different views about the quantities of this compound. Obese people take this supplement for weight loss while others take it for getting rid of wrinkles. The dosage could be different for both of these conditions.

Resveratrol capsules are available in 50mg – 500 mg sizes. You can start with a low dosage i.e. approximately 100 to 150 mg daily which can be increased as per your requirements. Higher dosage does not mean quick results. Though there are no side effects, you must make it a point to increase the dosage slowly. It is a no brainer that different people react to this compound differently. A 300 pound guy will definitely react differently to high dosage of Resveratrol than a 150 pound person.

Some studies suggest approximately 4.9mg per kg of body weight is good enough for all purposes. This is good for a normal adult person. Teenagers or those above 50 may require different dosage. Your physician is the best person who can give you correct suggestions about its dosages. Expert guidance should be sought in case of other complications for which you are already taking medicines.

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