Supporting the Swans – Swansea City Football Club

Supporting the Swans – Swansea City Football Club

Swansea City Football Club, known affectionately as “The Jacks” or “The Swans”. Named Swansea Town when they were founded in 1912. The team has had two home grounds. The Vetch Field was the first , where they played from 1912 to 2005. They now however, play at the 20,532 seat, Liberty Stadium in Landore, Swansea.

In their foundation year of 1912, The club was part of the Second Division in the Southern League, which  was then incorporated into the Football League (1920).  Whereby Swansea became founding members of Division Three.

The Swans finished fifth during their first season but were ทางเข้า ufabet เว็บแทงบอล promoted as Champions in 1925.

Sadly, after winning the league 1n 1925, the 30’s and most of the 40’s saw a decline. Until 1949 when Swansea bounced back into the Second Division, where they remained for 16 seasons.

A poor 1964/1965 season saw them relegated to Division Three and just two years later, they were once again demoted to Division Four, when sadly they had to apply for re-election.

The most memorable season for all Swans fans was the 1981/1982 season. After languishing at the very bottom of the league set up they rose to the First Division with a sixth place finish. Even defeating the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal.

The club then suffered another blow when they faced relegation and an impending liquidation of the club. Fortunately however, a local businessman (with supporters) saved the club and they continued playing in the league.

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