The Body Needs Balanced and Natural Testosterone Levels – Not Steroids

The Body Needs Balanced and Natural Testosterone Levels – Not Steroids

Traditional Chinese Medicine and the doctors who study, qualify and practice the ancient arts of healing have been in the news many times recently as people come to grips with what is the best approach and how to make sure the industry is not being manipulated by fraudsters and charlatans. Traditional healing practices have one main thing within the philosophy of healing that makes total sense, and that it that the body is a complex of many systems that when healthy all work together in a balance and harmony, and that ill-health is when one or more of these systems gets out of balance somehow. The goal of the TCM doctor is determine which system is out of balance, and to then work with the body and nature to return the whole body back to its proper balance.

Western medical procedure is in many ways the opposite and quite Crazy Bulk reviews arrogant in that it seeks to dominate nature by thinking it is smarter and more knowing. Yet every drug made by the pharmaceutical companies comes with warnings of the side-effects that every drug has, and there can be no greater admission of the failure of western medicine be a holistic approach to health. That is, every western medicine is a poison, plain and simple and in every medicine or drug, the goal of it is to kill some perceived bug, disease, bacteria or virus or it is designed to manipulate the balance of the body. And while it can be true that the drugs is effective in killing the focus of the drug or manipulating the body-balance, it also kills many other unknown parts of the system and impacts the balance of unknown other systems within the body – usually with the effect of presenting a greater risk than the original issue.

Boosting testosterone is the most important issue confronting the modern western person, yet they are all too often being treated for the long-term side effects of low testosterone and even if low testosterone has been diagnosed, the harshest of treatments that can be imagined are used – hormone replacement therapy is a very dangerous road to travel.

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