UEFA is Wrong About Football Matches on Armenia, Azerbaijan

UEFA is Wrong About Football Matches on Armenia, Azerbaijan

UEFA decides to cancel Armenia vs Azerbaijan matches and give both sides zero points. While Armenia wanted to play according to UEFA rules and was ready to host a match in Armenia and travel to Baku for the exchange game, Azerbaijan refused to host Armenia and travel to Yerevan, thus going against the established UEFA rules.

Usually in this type of a situation UEFA punishes the side that goes against the established rules. In this case Armenia and Azerbaijan are punished in an equal way. One asks WHY? How just is this?

Armenia is punished with a zero points for not agreeing to play in a neutral field. Yerevan wanted to play according to the rules of the UEFA game. If UEFA was going to say in case Armenia and Azerbaijan fall in the same group we will cancel the matches unless they agreed to play in a neutral game, it shouldคู่บอลสเต็ป ufabet had done this before the teams were selected so everyone would know the rules.

Now, both UEFA and Azerbaijan change rules in the middle of the game. This throws a big shade on the impartiality and authority or UEFA.

“The UEFA Executive Committee, chaired by UEFA President Michel Platini, completed its
meeting today midday, at the Abe Lenstra stadium in Heerenveen, ahead of tonight’s UEFA
European Under-21 Championship Final.

“Also reviewed was the situation regarding the location of the matches to be played between
Armenia and Azerbaijan, in the UEFA EURO 2008(TM) qualifying competition. As no suitable
compromise could be found between the two associations it was decided to cancel the two
matches, namely Azerbaijan-Armenia scheduled for 8 September and Armenia-Azerbaijan
schedule for 12 September, and to award both associations zero points for the matches.”

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