Using the Visio Wizard to Create an Organization Chart

Using the Visio Wizard to Create an Organization Chart

Start by opening the Visio application, and select Organization Chart > Organization Chart Wizard from the category listing. Select the option to enter information using the wizard, and click on the Next button. Visio will ask you to name a file and browse for the location, and it will allow you to select the type of file you want to use to enter the information. You can choose an Excel or Delimited text file. This file will hold the initial values to be entered into the drawing.

Once you have named and located your file and selected the file type, click on the Next button. If you selected the text file type, your default text editor will be opened, containing a few sample records that you can overtype with your own data. Alternatively, if you opted for the Excel file type, Microsoft Excel will open displaying a list of example data, also ready to be overtyped with your own linkwizards data. Overtype the data in your file, and add a few more records and then select File > Exit. The sample records file will be closed and the Wizard dialogue box is displayed. From here you can indicate whether you wish to specify how much data will appear on each page, or whether Visio should decide automatically (this is only relevant where you have a very large chart that will spread across several pages). You can also indicate the name that you wish to appear at the top of the page by selecting from a drop-down box of names that appear on your organization chart; note that if you select an employee other than the top name, the top name and any other names above the selected name will not be displayed on your chart. You can opt to link shapes across pages, so that if a shape representing a given employee appears on one page it can be linked to the same shape representing the same employee on a different page.

Finally, you can specify whether to the text and custom properties of a shape will also be applied to any copies of the shape that appear on other pages. When you have selected all of the options you can click on Finish. The organization chart wizard will close and your chart will be displayed on the drawing page. You now move, amend, add or delete shapes as needed.

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